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Version 2.1.1
Updated Sep 12th 2014
Rating 3.1
461 3.1
Crack Size 866 KB
Downloads 4038
Systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 10 64 bit
Category desktop-enhancements

Tri-Desk-A-Top is a user-friendly software, designed to help you de-congest the desktop from icons and opened applications. Additionally, the software allows you to easily switch between the several virtual desktops it automatically creates when installed. The software can generate three virtual desktops.

Not only does Tri-Desk-A-Top create the virtual desktops, but it also offer you a simple means to switch between the instances with a simple mouse click. The purpose of the software is to help you when you need to work on your computer and keep a multitude of applications or windows opened. With the virtual desktops created by Tri-Desk-A-Top, you can divide the several icons on your taskbar into three segments.

Basically, each desktop comes with a fresh taskbar, in which you can open and maintain new applications. With three virtual desktops, instead of one, you can organize your work and de-congest the multitude of icons that rest on your taskbar. For example, you can open all the required browser windows in one desktop, the applications in the second and the Windows explorer in the third. The possibilities are vastly extended.

The software creates three numbered icons in the system tray area, that enable you to easily switch between the desktops and also indicate which one is the active display. When you activate a new desktop, all the windows on the current desktop are hidden away, however, they remain opened and unaltered.

Additionally, you can easily move an opened application or window to one of the other desktops, by selecting the desired display from the system tray menu. Also, you may minimize, restore, bring to the front, center on the screen, close or exit the applications opened in the current desktop.

Tri-Desk-A-Top Crack is a small, yet useful application that enables you to order the windows and applications opened on your current desktop. You can easily move certain windows to one of the virtual desktops the software helps create. The software opens and stays in the system tray area, offering you the means to switch between desktops and only reveal the opened windows/apps when you need them.

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05 June 2018, Martina wrote:

Grazie per il crack per Tri-Desk-A-Top

24 March 2019, Luciano wrote:

grazie mille per il crack del Tri-Desk-A-Top

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