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E-mails were a real breakthrough in computer network communication. Nowadays, it is still the backbone of exchanging digital messages between users who employ the Internet. Although e-mail clients are provided with a decent amount of space to store messages, users save their data on their computers. Tagwolf is a software application that provides a quicker method of saving online messages to local folders.

The software is designed to work within the Microsoft Outlook application. It is compatible with all modern versions of the popular e-mail client later than 2003. Users can install either an x86 version or an x64 one, depending on the version of their host application.

The application is quick to install and does not hamper users with a computer restart. It can run straight after installation and is placed in the ribbon menu of the core application. Users can also view the application's features in a floating side pane, to maximize their efficiency.

Tagwolf Crack is designed to file e-mails from a particular account to a local folder. The entire process is done step-by-step to customize the filling job and accomplish it from the first try. Users can maintain the folder structure of the e-mail client or create a new one.

The filling operation is quick and efficient, without any errors or discrepancies. Unfortunately, the software can save e-mails only in batch mode. Users cannot add keywords and file just the messages containing those phrases.

To sum it up, the software is a decent Outlook add-in that is designed to maximize the efficiency of users with a busy inbox. The program is not cheap, and it will provide little use for personal purposes. However, the application does a good job filling e-mails, and the entire process is relatively quick. It did not interfere with other areas of the host program and did not crash or display any errors. It is worth trying out.

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