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Version 6.0.2
Updated Sep 20th 2015
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Start-OVER by AutumnTECH

Start-OVER by AutumnTECH can help you setup your email server, create a custom security level and filter the incoming/outgoing messages according to the preferred rules.

The tool can help you create a Start-OVER mailbox that you can easily access through your Microsoft Outlook profile and manage as a System Administrator.

This email utility allows you to create custom anti-spam and anti-virus filters, as well as verify the landing queue for the global Inbox.

It is thus a suitable solution for ensuring email security in a small or medium business since you can setup the filters according to the requirements.

All the filters you create are integrated with the Start-OVER by AutumnTECH E-mail Messaging Security Appliance. It can queue emails by senders, sender domains, as well as a portion of the email message header.

Additionally, you can set up a white list in which to add trusted sources that can bypass the security filters. Free email domains, such as Gmail, Yahoo or MSN are by default blocked from this particular list.

Similarly, you can create a blacklist in which to add untrusted domains or senders. The blacklist folder can process the emails that land in it and either send them to the Trash directory or save them for you to view.

Start-OVER by AutumnTECH Crack can also sort email sending attempts, into several categories.

The Yellow filter, for instance represents two attempts to send you a message from a particular blocked sender, while Red indicated five or more attempts.

Start-OVER by AutumnTECH can be installed on your 32-bit hardware, on a virtual server or uploaded to an ISO VPS cloud account.

Alternatively, the tool also comes as a file that can be installed within the VMware ESXi virtual server environment. The installation is quick and straightforward, however, it should be handled by a user with advanced knowledge in mailbox setup.

The tool also includes Webtility, a simple web-based management, plus configuration tool for monitoring, which is built on the OpenBSD platform.

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