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Version 1.0
Updated Oct 9th 2015
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Shark Email Extractor

Shark Email Extractor is a lightweight software application developed specifically for helping you look for email addresses by scanning specific files or folders.

Plus, the tool is able to automatically extract all email addresses from your local hard disk drive, network, MS Outlook Express, MS Outlook, MS Exchange, Netscape Messenger, Eudora, IncrediMail, or other sources, including removable devices, CDs, or DVDs. You should know that the program cannot grab email addresses from websites.

Shark Email Extractor boasts a straightforward interface that embeds all configuration parameters into a single window. You may also appeal to a help manual in case you need extra assistance with the setup options.

The application offers you the possibility to scan and grab email addresses from a specific location or a user-defined file. The scan process can be activated with a single click. In case you think it takes too much time, you can stop the scan mode anytime.

Shark Email Extractor Crack automatically reveals the extracted email addresses directly in the main window while it’s scanning. It displays information about the email address, location, total number of found emails, as well as total number of scanned files. The utility also automatically removes duplicate email addresses.

What’s more, you are allowed to export the list with email addresses to plain text or CSV file format to a preferred location on the disk, and clear the entire workspace with a single click.

Tests have shown that Shark Email Extractor needs extra time in order to finish the scan process. However, the time needed to complete the task pretty much depends on the size of file that you want to scan or size of the folder. It eats up from a moderate up to a high amount of CPU and memory resources so the overall performance of the computer may be affected.

The bottom line is that Shark Email Extractor provides a simple and efficient software solution for helping you generate a list with email addresses on the fly so you can create business campaigns, and can be configured by rookies and professionals alike.

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