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Version 1.3.1
Updated Jan 1st 2016
Rating 3.1
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Systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
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Having a large address book often makes it difficult to send the same message to multiple recipients at the same time, unless you use a tool that has been designed specifically for this kind of operations.

RoboPostman is one such utility, allowing you to easily customize the messages you want to sent to people in your address book, while also allowing you to include dynamic content and attachments in your emails.

The software comes with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface, making it easy not only to create a new message, but also allow you to include attachments and other type of content with only a few mouse clicks.

The tool can be used to manage your address book, while also allowing you to save copies of your messages effortlessly, and to set specific rules for emails that bounce back and for replies.

The application comes with speech recognition capabilities, thus allowing you to create new messages by using their voice. Additionally, it allows them to format the text of the message as they like, or to change the background color, so as to add personalization to it.

The software allows you to include the recipient's information with only a mouse click, and the same applies to including images, links, or variables in the text.

You can define multiple accounts to be used within the application, which also makes it easy to send messages from different email addresses to different people. You can easily switch between accounts by selecting a new one from the “Sender” list. The app also allows you to switch to a new server, should you experience issues with the delivery of your messages.

In addition to being easy-to-use, the application also feels snappy and stable, thus capable of offering a great experience to its users. However, keep in mind that there are programs that offer similar functionality for free.

All in all, RoboPostman Crack is an intuitive but powerful application that allows you to build and address book and send messages to multiple recipients with only a few mouse clicks. You can also format the messages as you like, and you are offered the option to include dynamic content in them effortlessly.

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