PopTrayU 5.2.6 (Crack + Keygen)

Rating 4.2
478 4.2
Crack Size 3.2 MB
Downloads 4850
Systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit
Homepage http://sourceforge.net/projects/poptrayu/

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Built on PopTray mail notifier, PopTrayU has been designed as a flexible mail-checking utility that has support for the latest versions of Windows and improved handling of Unicode and UTF-8 emails.

Properly configured, the application sits in system tray and waits for new messages to hit your inbox in order to issue a desktop alert.

It works with multiple email accounts (POP3 or IMAP) and configuring it is quite a treat for more experienced users that demand total control over how an action is carried out.

Apart from the usual options that let you define how the program starts and set the email clients it should call in order to show the messages, PopTrayU can also be set to verify the arrival of new messages with a different frequency for each account.

Despite being just an email checker, PopTrayU can help clean the inbox so that it retains only the important messages that deserve your time. As such, it offers the possibility to whitelist and blacklist email addresses.

Furthermore, it allows creating rules so that messages that match them are automatically managed and either disposed of or trigger a specific reaction, such as playing a certain sound, executing a file, changing the tray color or the display of a pop-up balloon.

Controlling the application provides a rich set of customization options, too. Mouse buttons can trigger certain actions such as showing the messages, displaying the email client, checking for new mail on all account or just the first one.

The same actions can be assigned to keyboard shortcuts, but in this case fewer combinations are possible and the shortcuts are global, which means that they affect the entire system.

PopTrayU Crack is one of the most flexible and feature rich email checkers on the market. It includes options that allow granular control over how the alerts are received or how the checking is done, individually for each account.

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