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Those who use Microsoft Exchange for managing their email messages could require a tool for connecting their POP3 and IMAP protocol accounts. POPBeamer was designed specifically for that and it will provide users with a way to easily retrieve email messages from their email accounts. Offering a scheduled basis for the message retrieval process, the application promises to offer users a swift and efficient feedback.

Once they have configured the details for their email accounts, users will then be able to initiate the message retrieval process and the application will display all the undergoing events. A timestamp, together with the thread number will be provided and one can easily scroll through the event list.

Setting up new mail boxes is quire straightforward and people will have to provide their POP3 / IMAP parameters, together with the SMTP characteristics. Nevertheless, the refresh for the message retrieval is sheltered in the “Signal” menu and refreshing the process this way isn’t the most practical approach.

Users will be able to host multiple mail boxes simultaneously, regardless of their corresponding protocol. Custom domains can also be added and people can define a custom postmaster and host addresses for the exchange server.

Experienced users will have the choice of enabling logging to text files as well as recording statistics and Verbose console logging is also supported and the log files can be displayed in realtime. Copies of the retrieved messages can be stored and people can determine the duration after which they are cleared.

Considering its abundant mailbox customization options and overall efficient action, this application could prove to be a useful choice for those who need to connect their POP3 / IMAP accounts to Microsoft Exchange server. It will enable them to host numerous mail boxes simultaneously, keep detailed log files and even enable on-demand scanning with their preferred antivirus software.

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