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OutlookExporter is a handy and reliable plugin for Outlook that aims to provide a more efficient alternative to backing up and exporting emails.

Traditionally, Outlook gathers all your email data inside a PST file that more than often, is too large to handle or gets corrupted easily. OutlookExporter comes as a more flexible solution, allowing you to export emails separately to local folders, removable drives and even file servers.

Also, the program doesn’t set a limit on the number of emails you can process at once; emails with attachments are widely accepted as well.

Because it comes in the form of an Outlook add-in, the program can be handled only from the email client where it creates a very simple sidebar. By default, the export location is set to ‘My Documents’, but this can be changed from the Options dialog.

Exporting emails can be done simply using drag and drop; multiple items can be processed at once by holding down the Shift key when making the selection.

The messages are backed up in MHT format and each of the exported mails will have a separate copy in the output folder. Thereby, the process is performed individually for each item, which eliminates the disadvantages of the common container generated by Outlook.

You can opt for a copy operation, which will keep the original messages inside Outlook or to move the emails, therefore to delete the content while it is being processed. Sorting criteria is available as follows: by date, by subject and by sender.

Overall, OutlookExporter Crack comes across as a reliable backup solution for emails. The advantage of the add-in is that it provides a more manageable exporting alternative than Outlook itself.

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