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Irrespective of whether you are sending a confidential message to your business associates or employees or perhaps, you want to send a personal note to your spouse, it is somewhat natural that you want your emails to stay private.

OutlookCrypto is a lightweight Outlook add-in that allows you manage, compress as well as encrypt email contents that you want to send or receive.

Following a quick and straightforward installation, you can access and configure the utility from Microsoft Outlook's Add-ins tab. Considering that the tool is an extension, it goes without saying that it borrows the looks and feels of the version of Outlook you have installed on your computer.

The idea behind the utility is to help you manage attachments, including large ones, more efficiently. The operation is as simple as it gets and it can be completed effortlessly by following the 3-step wizard provided.

Therefore, after you specify the files or folders to be sent along with your message, you can specify the compression split size and the type of attachment preferred. The last step entails that you specify whether you prefer the attachment to be sent as a password & script file or a compressed archive.

A further noteworthy feature of the program is the fact that you can customize the encryption and decryption operations. For starters, you can set up your ID name and specify the partner emails that you are communicating with rather frequently.

At the same time, you can select the type of password to lock or unlock the attachment. You can choose between three options in this sense, namely fixed string, send date and the one-time password generator. Alternatively, you can mark certain email addresses as trusted and hence, send non-encrypted messages.

In the eventuality that you are faced with a situation where you feel that your communication might be monitored, then OutlookCrypto Crack can provide you with one method to compress and encrypt files that you want to send via email.

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