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Updated Apr 12th 2016
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Outlook Reminders On Top

In the eventuality that you are juggling a hectic agenda and face dozens of critical tasks that should be on time on a daily basis, we do not need to tell you about the importance of having a reminder system. Then again, if you employ a standard alert feature such as the one from your email calendar, chances are that you dismiss reminders and then completely forget about them.

As the name suggests, Outlook Reminders On Top is a utility designed to make sure that you receive alerts that you notice regarding appointments, meetings and other activities you noted in Microsoft Outlook.

The add-in borrows the looks of the reminder window from Outlook, so the GUI can vary slightly based on the version you have installed on your computer. However, you should know that unlike other extensions, you can access or close it from the System Tray.

Moreover, the app includes a Settings window where you can create a custom reminder system that suits your work style. As far as the functionality goes, the idea behind the add-in is to bring the Outlook reminder on top of other open windows whenever it detects it.

The perk of the application stems from the fact that it allows you to configure the alert system in a way that ensures you can notice and take the required action. Therefore, you can specify the number of seconds the window stays on top of all other windows and set the tool to play a sound at precise intervals, until you close, snooze or minimize it.

In addition, you can set the app to stop playing the sound and flashing the reminder window after a given number of occurrences, a feature that can be useful for when you are moving in and out of the office.

If you want to make sure that you never miss out on events, tasks and activities solely because you did not see or hear the reminder, then perhaps Outlook Reminders On Top Crack could lend you a hand.

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