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If your work implies handling email messages, faxes or SMSes, you probably need a quick, convenient way to manage all the content from a single location.

Fortunately, nowadays there is a wide variety of software solutions that can simplify your work by providing you with all the necessary utilities. For instance, NetMail-Light can help you set an SMS/email send/receive system on your computer with ease.

This application comes with a simplistic, visually unappealing user interface that encompasses a wide variety of functions, which are not necessarily well-organized nor intuitive. Therefore, you might need to explore its controls for a while to familiarize yourself with them.

After installing it, you are greeted by a configuration window, where you can customize a broad range of parameters, such as setting the provider, inputting valid credentials, specifying POP3 and SMTP servers, setting mail transfer frequency and toggling the Duplex option (SMTP during POP3).

NetMail-Light Crack features a server component and a client one, thus letting you create an SMS/email sender/receiver system on your computer without significant efforts. After configuring the settings in the window mentioned above, the application launches the server component.

Accessing the client can be done by right-clicking the dedicated tray icon and selecting the NetMail option from the menu. Before you open it you must choose an identity from the list. The mailer client lets you send or receive SMSes and emails with minimum efforts, while also providing you with auxiliary options, such as forwarding, archiving, attachment support, search functions, virus filters, sound notifications, fax support, security features and backup.

All things considered, NetMail-Light is a reliable application that lets you create a server/client system on your computer for sending or receiving SMSes and emails. It comes with a plain, rather unattractive interface, packs a wide range of functions and components that are not quite well-organized and features support for various additional services (such as faxing), which might come in handy.

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