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Methis Data.mill for Excel

Generally speaking, if your company works with large Excel spreadsheets that include years of information about your customers, deliveries, services, transactions or other type of data, then there is a fair chance that these documents contain errors, misspells and duplicates.

Methis Data.mill for Excel is an add-in for Microsoft's spreadsheet editor that enables you to correct errors, eliminate duplicates and retrieve specific information about your customers, company or financial status.

First off, you should know that you are required to create an account on the developers website in order to try out the utility. You can register free of charge, whereas creating a new account takes little of your time.

Even though the installer is in German, the installation itself is straightforward and should not pose any issues. You are required to enter your credentials in order to access the application. In case you do not view the add-in in the toolbar, then restarting Excel usually fixes the problem.

The highlight of the add-in comes from its ability to retrieve specific types of information from your lists,  including but not limited to phone numbers, email addresses, names, genders and postal addresses.

You should know that the tool can recognize the genre of the users listed in your spreadsheet by accounting for possible cultural differences. More precisely, the app determines the genre based on the location of the user.

A further noteworthy feature of the tool is that it enables you to remove duplicate records in your database. It is important to note that the utility can detect typo errors and, since it compares the information with the other data available, it can help you identify erroneous entries.

For example, if you have customers with similar names, the app analyzes other info associated with them, such as address or postal code for instance, before returning the results. The function can be useful in reducing the size of your database and hence, reduce the costs of storage in the long run.

In the eventuality that you want to manage large Excel spreadsheets efficiently and clear them of duplicates, errors, deleted data or simple misspells, so you can use valid data for your next projects, then Methis Data.mill for Excel Crack could lend you a hand.

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