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Updated May 9th 2016
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We often receive e-mails that contain very long lines, and replying to these messages is rather difficut, as you have to format the text manually.

MailWrap is a simple application that provides you with a solution to this issue, as it can wrap long lines in an e-mail while maintaining the message’s original formatting. The program is very easy to use, and it is also fully portable.

While many e-mail clients already provide you with a rewrap command, it does not always function correctly, and having a backup tool is always sensible. Thankfully, MailWrap is very easy to deploy, as it does not need to be installed and can be launched as soon as it is unpacked.

Additionally, the application does not store any data in the registry or any other location on your hard drive, and it can be run from a USB drive without any issues.

MailWrap Crack is very simple to use, as you only have to copy the e-mail text and select the program window. It extracts the clipboard’s contents automatically, and then allows you to correct the message’s formatting with the click of a button.

Once the task has been completed, the text is sent to the clipboard, so you can just switch to your e-mail client and send the message.

If spaces, tabs or the “>” and “|” characters are present at the beginning of a line, they are placed in the same position in the rewrapped text to ensure quotations are formatted correctly.

All in all, MailWrap is a simple utility that can be very helpful if you send and reply to numerous e-mails throughout the day. It can help you wrap overly long lines in the messages you receive, while preserving any existing formatting elements.

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