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Updated Mar 5th 2015
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MailMatters is a simple to use Microsoft Outlook add-in which is designed to help you prioritize emails and sort them according to relevance, in a short time. The tool enables you to quickly create rules and filters, to facilitate the automatic email sorting, the moment they are received.

MailMatters is designed to help you organize emails, by separating important ones from unnecessary messages. This tool can automatically send the incoming mail to the correspondent folders, thus helping you save time with message sorting.

By default, MailMatters creates two main tabs for email sorting, namely Primary and Bulk entries. The add-in features a powerful algorithm that can help it determine where to send the incoming emails.

A third folder is created, named GoingAway, which contains all the emails to be soon deleted. The tabs are localized on a special ribbon, for quick access, but they do not replace the folders you create in Outlook.

MailMatters Crack allows you to quickly create more tabs, as well as rename the existing ones, set alarms and create rules. The add-in can prompt a ringtone whenever an email is sent to one of the tabs. You may enable this option for important folders, so you may read and immediately manage them.

Moreover, a color coded number appears on the corresponding tab, the second an email is received and redirected there. This way, you can stay informed on the incoming emails and which of them require immediate attention.

MailMatters can redirect emails that are automatically purged to GoingAway category. The tab features a filter that can detect this attribute in emails and filter them to a high priority folder, so you may view and relocate them. This way, you can make sure you do not lose data or important email records.

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