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MailList King

MailList King is a powerful software program that can help you a lot if you are interested in sending newsletters to a large group of people.

The interface of the program is highly intuitive, with a folder structure on the left side of the main window and a tab-like display at the top, allowing users to browse through all the available options, such as ‘Add Addresses’, ‘Add New Group’, ‘Validate Addresses’, etc.

The interface is also customizable, enabling you to change its style from the default ‘Windows’ to ‘Office Blue’, Black or Silver. Furthermore, you can add certain panes to the main window, such as ‘Member Properties’ and ‘Alpha Selector’.

MailingList King integrates most of the popular e-mailing software that exists out there, such as Outlook, Netscape, Eudora and so on. It works directly with your servers as well, so as to retrieve mailing list messages (subscribes, unsubscribes, undeliverable messages, etc.).

The program allows you to make backups, so that you can be sure that all the important data you have on your HDD is not going to get lost or corrupted, due to your computer crashing unexpectedly or something similar.

You can import a mailing list from a backup file created previously with the help of MailList King Crack, or from file formats such as CSV, TXT, XLS, MDB, HTML, DOCX and many others.

The newsletters that you create can be written in multi-part Rich Text or plain text, and can be sent at scheduled dates. In addition to that, the program enables you to personalize the mail messages that you send with each and every individual’s name, company and address.

To sum up, MailList King is a powerful and useful application that almost any type of person can work with, no matter how inexperienced they might be.

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