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Excel To Mail

Excel To Mail is a reliable tool that can help you send batches of identical emails to a list of contacts imported from a Microsoft Excel file. The software allows you to easily set up an email client, by connecting to a SMTP server, then automate the process of sending out a multitude of emails to contacts.

Excel To Mail prompts you to set up an email client type of configuration, by connecting to a designated SMTP. You can easily mention the server address, server port and SSL encryption, if such parameter is available. You need to use an existing email address and optionally, select the email service providers, from the list.

Several settings can be made, including enabling the software to send the emails one by one and to repeat the procedure if any message fails to be sent. You can be notified if the emails were sent or if the transfer failed, as well as view a log of sent files.

The software can work with Microsoft Excel files, although it does not require that you have the Office program installed on your computer. It can easily read and extract information from the workbooks on its own. Next step requires that you create an email template and insert certain generic elements at the proper position.

For instance, the first element in the email can be the contact’s name, while the last can be the current date. These pieces of information are acquired from the Excel spreadsheet or from the system time. You may create several such templates and save them in the presets list. Additionally, you may attach files and automatically insert a notification in the message text.

If the ‘Send email one by one’ option is enabled, Excel To Mail Crack can check each message you schedule it to send. The software can be set to repeat the sending procedure once if the first try fails. Excel To Mail Crack is reliable and allows you to send multiple pre-written messages to an entire list of contacts, without effort.

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