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Email Validator

Email Validator is a reliable application dedicated to verifying the validity of various email addresses without sending messages to them. It is lightweight and capable of handling even batches of email addresses in one session. Moreover, thanks to its structure, it can be integrates in websites, in order to instantly verify addresses.

Email Validator is a .NET email verification tool that allows you to instantly determine the validity of email addresses. It offers support for WinForms and ASP.Net, plus it can be used as a validation component in the development of C# or VB.NET applications.

The tool allows you to manually enter the desired syntax for the email address verification algorithm. The default pattern, which is already inserted in the designated field, includes several types of characters for verifying both the user and the host. You may modify the syntax, however, if required.

Email Validator Crack requires that you enter the email address you wish to verify, as well as the syntax pattern, the validation level and the domain from which the verification is requested. The validation levels include mailbox, syntax, SMTP or DNS.

When the verification is finished, a message is displayed in Email Validator’s interface, indicating whether the address is valid or not. The activity log is also displayed in the designated space. If you wish to verify several addresses in the same session, you need to load the CSV file that contains the emails.

Email Validator can also perform a DNS lookup on the specified domain in order to determine its validity. It includes a powerful internal MX cache and allows you to integrate it into websites, in order to instantly verify the address provided by the user. The program is easy to use and does not require installation.

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