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Version 2.0
Updated May 18th 2017
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Email Authenticator

Email Authenticator is a simple to use piece of software that was created to provide you with a means of verifying the safety of the email messages you receive, particularly those whose sender you do not know.

In terms of user interface, the program is fairly accessible and easy to understand, featuring a start screen that explains the basis of its functionality, allowing you to continue to its main window.

Email Authenticator’s window features a text field where you are supposed to input the header of the email you are suspicious about, while pressing the ‘Investigation’ button triggers the task and informs you of its findings.

Before you get started, you should bear in mind that the header you insert in the application needs to be copied from the source code of the message, thus including a whole lot more information than just the standard sender, recipient, and subject data.

As such, you first need access and view the header in full form, but doing this will vary according to the email client that you use. Among the information it should comprise is the IP of the sender and recipient, message ID, content type and transfer encoding, as well as several other details.

After typing or pasting all this information into the indicated panel of Email Authenticator Crack, you can click on ‘Investigation’ and the tool will verify the validity of the message, letting you know if it is considered spam or not via a popup dialog.

In closing, Email Authenticator is an easy to handle utility whose main function resides in discerning safe messages from spam; it does this by checking the data in the email’s header, determining its status in just instants.

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