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Version 2.71
Updated Apr 23rd 2016
Rating 4.1
579 4.1
Crack Size 934 MB
Downloads 6167
Systems Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 9X
Category internet

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Being able to extract emails from the internet can be extremely useful for some tasks, the ability to gather large amounts of email addresses at once though is challenging and not all programs are up to the task. ECrawl is an application that is able to accurately trawl the web looking for emails, with plenty of additional options to refine and control its searching.

Given how powerful email crawling can be, it is important to be able to accurately control how it operates and what exactly it searches for. The application does not disappoint, and includes a vast array of features and tools to help refine and restrict the search options, to stop the application drawing to many emails or searching in unwanted places.

The Deep Crawl option that it contains allows for a nearly unlimited search, the application explores every link it finds on a particular website, then the next website and so on. This means that ECrawl can start on one page and each new page opening several others, creating an exponential cycle. This can be controlled with keywords, blacklists, domain checks and query strings. The application provides all the options they could need.

The application is very expensive, however, the application attempts to justify this in several ways. Firstly, it boasts a crawling speed of over two million emails per hour, which is impressive, but it also contains a few additional features to help make the purchase worthwhile. It contains SOCKS v5 Proxies for those who want to remain anonymous when they use the application, additional options to avoid Spamtraps, honeypots and other crawling dead ends are also available.

ECrawl Crack includes the option to perform local disc checks, the application is capable of scanning users’ drives and checking specific documents to try and locate emails. This provides the application some additional use, but alone it would justify the money.

All in all, the application is impressive, it can search the web at an accelerated rate and features the potential to draw in huge numbers of emails. Its biggest set-back is its cost, which puts it out of the range of a casual user. Those looking for a high end performance web crawling however will not be disappointed.

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