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Version 1.5.1
Updated Sep 2nd 2017
Rating 3.1
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Crack Size 68.1 MB
Downloads 1560
Systems Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 10 64 bit
Category internet

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E-mails offer you with fast and efficient communication channels, which are designed to be private and for your eyes only. However, leaks are getting more and more frequent. It is imperative to keep your conversations private. You can start using Absio Dispatch, which is a top e-mail client with added security features.

The software is designed to be an alternative to the well know e-mail providers, by providing a secure environment, impervious to outside attacks and privacy encroachments from the developers. This desktop application enables you to send encrypted e-mails by using your existing address, without the regular server. If needed, you can also install it as a plug-in for Outlook.

Once you install the program, you can then setup an account using your e-mail address and send invitations to your contacts to join this service. Nothing from your standard e-mail is imported, ensuring this account is as secure as possible from outside and inside threats. The recipients can view the message you sent them only after joining the service.

After you set up the account, you can start sending invitations and communicate with your contacts without anyone having access to your information. You are provided with 5 GB of storage space for your personal use and standard functions, such as text editing, signature option, a custom refresh rate, and expiration timer for the account.

Unlike other e-mail clients, Dispatch Crack does not provide automatic password recovery service. The provider will not intervene in retrieving your access to the account. You can rely only on your security question and the corresponding answer.

Regarding the interface, Dispatch is relatively clean, offering only the necessary features. It does not have any third-party components, and it is designed as a closed circuit cloud service.

All in all, Dispatch is a complete e-mail client that uses your regular address to create a secure account. It provides an encrypted environment that is inaccessible to anyone else than its owner, and the contact list is invitation-based. Dispatch can prove useful to users with highly confidential and sensitive information from business, healthcare, finances, law and accounting.

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