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Updated Jan 19th 2015
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Although email communication is rather simple nowadays, since you can either use an online service, or your own domain and client, they are still pretty complicated and cluttered. Hence, if you just want to quickly send and receive emails, you can make do with a simpler utility, without any additional features and functions to distract you.

Discusionus is a software utility that aims to achieve this, by providing you with a lightweight and simple-to-use interface, alongside a small, but powerful set of features you can use to have conversations with your friends. In addition, you can use your own email address to do so, as well as connect to your personal server to handle the messages.

In order to start a discussion, you simply have to create a new item using the appropriate menu and enter the requested information, including subject, the contents of the message and the participants who receive the emails. You are allowed to add as many participants as you wish to the list and all of them receive the same message.

Beside simple messages, it is also possible to send out actual emails with the help of the application. In addition, you can add attachments as well, which can take the form of any kind of document you want, regardless of its format or extension. The drawback is that the contents cannot be formatted in any way, so you are stuck with plain text and no possibility to include hyperlinks or any other kind of special content.

You can, however, set up the email server settings according to your preferences, by entering the desired incoming POP or IMAP protocol, port, STMP server and whether to use an SSL connection or not. Hence, thanks to this panel, you can use your own domain name and email, without having to register an account with an online service.

All in all, Discusionus Crack greatly simplifies the way you communicate, by allowing you to quickly make use of your email address to have conversations with multiple persons at the same time. In addition, the clean and intuitive interface does not require too much experience with computers to be put to use, except if you intend on using your personal server settings.

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