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Updated Apr 7th 2017
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Having to inform an abundance of people regarding particular events can be pretty tricky, especially if you don’t really own all necessary contact details. However, if distribution of info is done via email, then you can definitely rely on applications like Detect-Email to gather as many relevant emails to your cause as possible.

With setup over before you realize, you quickly get the chance to take the application for a spin. On launch, a configuration window shows up, which is the first step into setting up search parameters. Here you get to add one or more keywords to be used in the detection process. The application shows strength of keywords to help out.

Depending on your needs, the application can perform the search operation on several levels of detection in order to display as many emails as possible, only relevant results, or a balanced combination of both. Additionally, you can select a target country and cities to narrow down results.

The operation runs in the main window, and results are displayed in real-time, but no action can be taken until search is complete. When done, further filters can be applied, such as accuracy, free email, research keywords in URL or email, as well as geolocation filters. Bringing up the context menu on the list of items lets you perform selection actions, visit the target website, or send email to selection.

Last but not least, the application features a built-in SMTP client, which first needs to be configured with the appropriate credentials and service. Needless to say that you’re able to send emails this way, with the possibility to import addresses, and even customize content with HTML preview after editing.

All things considered, we can state that Detect-Email Crack is sure to come in handy if you need a bit of publicity, or simply want to send information emails to particular individuals, but lack the necessary addresses. It’s intuitive enough for individuals of all levels of experience, being worth your while overall.

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