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Most email services come with web-based interfaces that allow you to use your web browser in order to efficiently read, write, send and manage your emails. Despite their accessibility, some users might prefer standalone desktop clients that offer a less distracting environment for managing emails, directly on their computers' desktops.

Correo is a handy, Electron-based email client that allows you to access your Gmail account directly from your computer's desktop.

Better yet, it does so by smoothly integrating itself with the taskbar, allowing you to manage your emails in an efficient and unobtrusive way.

Since it is built with Electron, the application can be run just as efficiently on all major OSs out there like Windows, macOS and Linux.

The app does not require installation, just unzip its package and launch it via its designated executable file and, upon launch, it automatically makes its presence know via a taskbar icon.

As expected, upon first running the app, you will be prompted to input your official Google credentials.

The app's interface, while reduced in size, does a great job at incorporating all the functionality you need in order to manage your Gmail account, without feeling cluttered. Once you start working with it, you are bound to discover just how smooth this app runs, with almost no interface lag at all.

This said, you can easily read, write and send emails, organize them into folders without having to use your web-browser and with no more than a few mouse clicks.

Despite the fact that it works well in almost all conditions, we should point out that writing emails, especially large emails, is probably not something you want to do with the help of this app, considering its compact interface.

All in all, Correo Crack is a slick and modern Gmail client that offers a quick and efficient way to manage your emails. Its small size and taskbar placement recommend this app mostly for reading emails, although it is perfectly capable of handling writing emails.

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