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If you are the type of user who knows that as long as you are sending data over the Internet via email, chances are that it can be intercepted by third-parties, then you might want to do whatever it takes to avoid this situation.

Designed especially for users who are concerned about their privacy, ConfidentSend is an efficient piece of software that helps you remove hidden data from files.

Subsequent to its installation, ConfidentSend seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook or with Mozilla Thunderbird email clients. From here onwards, the app automatically inspects and cleans the attachments from all your emails, regardless if they are outgoing or ingoing.

The first thing you need to know about ConfidentSend is that it helps you keep your privacy intact by removing hidden data from media files such as JPEG, PNG and SVG, from Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents, PDFs and even ZIP archives.

Eventually, you may need to configure the application to specifically suit your needs and this can be easily achieved within its simplistic interface. The main window of ConfidentSend Crack makes it straightforward for you to customize the app's behavior.

You can configure it to notify you each time it cleans an attachment or to automatically process it, as well as choose the situations that require it to generate warnings. Another worth-mentioning feature is the fact that it makes it possible for you to whitelist certain recipients.

As an ending note, ConfidentSend is a simple yet very useful software solution that is aimed at users for whom confidentiality is on the top of the priority list.

Data leakage prevention is something that should be taken very seriously, especially for users who work and send important and official documents via email. For them, CondidentSend should offer a bit more piece of mind, if nothing else.

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