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CodeTwo Outlook Sync

Using a computer in an office environment is a major plus, in fact, modern society is almost completely dependent of the power of the PC. Among other office utilities, there’s Outlook, which lets you manage emails, tasks, and other activities, and if you want to synchronize these details with another account, then CodeTwo Outlook Sync can help you out.

First of all, the application needs to be installed on both computers you want to synchronize. What’s more, Outlook needs to be a part of Windows too, and the application has little to no use without it. Another requirement is connection via LAN, because there’s no possibility to set up Internet connection.

The main window is pretty simple, letting individuals of all levels of experience get the hang of things. In case the second PC isn’t visible by default, you can refresh, with detection only lasting a second. For more efficiency, you can make the application automatically run with Windows, and enable automatic sync.

Since it targets a specific component, CodeTwo Outlook Sync Crack knows where to look for resources. This doesn’t mean you can’t choose what to sync, with the possibility to check calendars, contacts, tasks, journal, notes, and emails from a list. Advanced options extend to a folder view, with more options, in case there’s some private info you don’t want to sync.

The process is handled in an impressive amount of time, with the possibility to have the application quietly sit in the system tray during synchronization. What’s more, you can have notifications enabled to know when the process starts and ends.

All in all, Outlook is a popular application which is widely used for office management. With this in mind, you may want to share tasks and contacts with colleagues, and CodeTwo Outlook Sync makes sure you don’t have a hard time doing so, with options to automate the process, while syncing is done in the blink of an eye.

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