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Updated Feb 5th 2016
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Chillout Timer

Even though it does not seem so all the time, the truth is that schedules can help you reduce the overall stress factor or pressure in our lives since they provide you with the means to manage time better.

Chillout Timer is a tiny program that enables you to set an alarm for any given hour, minute or second and hence, makes sure you do not forget about important tasks you have planned for the day.

The app does not require setup per se and you can start using it as soon as you decompress the archive. The UI consists of a rugged, yet user-friendly main window that allows you to specify the precise time you need the alarm to ring.

You should know that the program comes with a few options for the alarm, namely Beep, Buzz and Cuckoo. Alternatively, you can select the silent alarm, a situation in which the app's UI pops up on your desktop after the countdown is over without making any sound.

As you probably hinted, you can set the timer by typing down the hours, minutes or seconds, although you should keep in mind that not all fields are mandatory. You can also use the dedicated buttons to set the alarm if you find this more convenient.

While simple and intuitive, the application could use a few extra features, such as a calendar and a time zone. The calendar could come in handy for setting up alarms for every day of the week, which can be particularly useful when you want to make sure you do not miss your favorite TV show, for instance.

A time zone function can be useful in situations when you work or interact with people from all across the globe, as it would help you avoid calling them at inappropriate times.

If you are looking for a simple program that enables you to set alarms so you can get in time to various place or start working on different projects, then Chillout Timer Crack might be worth trying out.

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