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Version 5.1
Updated Aug 22nd 2017
Rating 4.1
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A useful application that was designed to help users stay up to date with their email messages, CheckP3 features a good bundle of interesting features that provide increased customization for email accounts. This email checker offers message management, antispam support, together with extra features such as FTP and news server management or ping node verification with tracing.

CheckP3 boasts a compact interface, where users can easily access the different features by either entering their menus or toggling their respective windows.

When opening the windows of the different features, users are able to customize them in terms of size or position on the display. Once the preferred configuration has been achieved, users can save it and CheckP3 will always open all of its features the same way.

All the tools are laid out in a logical order and the application offers users the option to either individually enable the different features, or open them altogether, with just two clicks.

Each module of the application offers a high degree of customization and experienced users will welcome its comprehensive set of options and submenus.

The email feature allows users to manually connect their email accounts, using complex settings, that will be welcomed by advanced users, but might be too confusing for average users.

Although its primary function is email checking, CheckP3 Crack offers a plethora of other useful features, such as its antispam sub-module, firewall settings or the dedicated, FTP, news or ping server managers.

One pitfall in terms of ease of use might be that, if users minimize the individual modules, these will never end up in the taskbar, and will remain floating above it, causing chaos on the desktop area.

For those who require a lightweight solution for easily managing their email accounts, while still retaining advanced customization, CheckP3 could be the answer. Its feature-rich interface that offers numerous other server management functions will provide advanced settings and an increased degree of customization. On the downside of things, average users might not be pleased with the cumbersome setup process of the various features, due to the quite complex settings.

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