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BackRex Outlook Express Backup

Completely migrating email data from one computer to another, or from one email client to another, while clearly not on the list of most complicated operations, might prove to be a bit of a headache, especially without the proper set of tools.

This said, BackRex Outlook Express Backup is a single-purpose, wizard-based piece of software that allows you to backup and restore Outlook Express and Windows Mail info by making it as straightforward as possible to migrate data such as contacts, mail folders and accounts, signatures, personal settings and even blocked senders lists.

This utility is not only capable of backing up and restoring data for Windows Mail and Outlook, but it can also do the same regarding some of the most popular web browsers out there, namely Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

In the case of the aforementioned browsers, the app is suited for saving and restoring user settings, cookies, bookmarks, history, add-ons, privacy settings and even proxy and connection details.

The application is just as easy to install as it is to work with. Upon first launching the app, it should become quite apparent right from the get-go that the app's interface is similar to that of an actual wizard installer more than anything else.

The first step requires you to choose one of the three available options, namely Backup, Restore, or Schedule backup. Please note that the fourth option that is grayed-out, namely Rollback, will be unlocked once you have completed one of the previously mentioned procedures.

Next, choose the destination folder for your backup, choose the exact data from a specified list, click the 'Finish' button, and that's about it. We should also take the time to point out that the utility allows you to schedule multiple or single daily, weekly or monthly backup actions at specified hours.

Taking everything into consideration, while not what you would call comprehensive, BackRex Outlook Express Backup Crack is a user-friendly and very efficient app that is especially recommended for novice users that want to migrate their email or browser-related data from one computer to another or between similar apps.

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