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Version 1.0.0
Updated Dec 6th 2014
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Systems Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 10
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ActivePopMail is a reliable tool designed to help you acquire email messages from several remote servers and have them delivered to you through a local SMTP server. The software specializes in downloading messages from POP3 servers, centralizing them and sending them to your local server.

ActivePopMail requires Internet connection in order to properly function and gather the emails from remote servers. The supported configurations include dial up networking, manual or third party dialer and LAN or Intranet. These options can be set from the Connection tab. In certain cases, you might need to provide the username and password.

Downloading the emails can be performed automatically, according to a schedule that you can establish. Thus, you may specify a time interval for repeated mailbox checking, as well as the waiting time for retries. In case the first attempt to download the emails fails, the software can stay idle for the specified number of seconds, minutes or hours, before trying again. Moreover, you need to also provide the address and port for the local SMTP server.

The POP3 Mailboxes tab is dedicated to listing all the servers that you wish to download emails from. You may easily add, edit or remove entries from the list. Each entry is defined by the address of the POP3 server, the specific mailbox and login credentials. You may set the distribution type as default, received header, second received header, TO/CC/BCC header or custom field.

In case the email transfer fails, you need to specify an alternative set of recipients, so the emails can be redirected. You may also create a series of recipients’ addresses in the Distribution List tab.

ActivePopMail Crack is a simple to use application and facilitates the acquiring of emails from remote POP3 servers through a local SMTP service. The mail interface displays the servers’ addresses, the activity log and a preview of the acquired emails. The software can download on demand or automatically, based on a schedule.

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