SECURITY Cracks Category

Anti Autorun-7

Anti Autorun-7 Crack+Keygen

by Style-7

Protects removable disks against "autorun viruses"

SRT - Sohanad Removal Tool

SRT - Sohanad Removal Tool Crack+Keygen

by iSergiwa Software

A compact, portable and easy-to-use tool that detects and removes the Sohanad virus and its variants when triggering an one-click scan process

PRT (Perlovga Removal Tool)

PRT (Perlovga Removal Tool) Crack+Keygen

by iSergiwa Software

A user-friendly and portable piece of software that helps you remove the Perlovga virus from your computer and delete its leftovers

Wallpaper Updater

Wallpaper Updater Crack+Keygen

by ElanGroup

Manage desktop wallpapers by switching through all pictures from a custom folder or Picasa Web Albums on a regular time interval, and customize plenty of handy settings


AlaTimer Crack+Keygen

by Shanit

A lightweight and reliable application that helps adults control the time their children spend on the computer, by setting various shutdown schedules

FileDate Mover

FileDate Mover Crack+Keygen

by Alireza Balouch

Move files from a specified directory to another by automatically creating a subdirectory tree based on the files' date of last modification

VPN Gate Client Plug-in

VPN Gate Client Plug-in Crack+Keygen

by VPN Gate Academic Experiment Project a...

A plugin for SoftEther VPN, whose main purpose is to easily hide your online identity via a network of relay proxy servers that conceal your IP address

All In One VPN Client

All In One VPN Client Crack+Keygen

by ibVPN

Enjoy all of your VPN servers, connection modes (OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, SSTP), support, customization opportunities in one single place


Mullvad Crack+Keygen

by Amagicom AB

A virtual private network application that conceals your computer's real IP address, hiding your identity while navigating online


SaferVPN Crack+Keygen

by SaferVPN, Inc

An intuitive and user-friendly software solution that enables you to connect to a VPN, so as to enjoy a secure connection to the Internet


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