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Spatial Aspect Explorer

Spatial Aspect Explorer Crack+Keygen

by Yuri Feldman

Analyze spatial data from raster and vector files, create maps and export them to PNG images, with this lightweight and easy-to-use GIS application


RealView Crack+Keygen


Records and plots measured values from several hardware devices

IGES Import for SketchUp

IGES Import for SketchUp Crack+Keygen


IGES file import plug-in for SketchUp

BACnet Browser

BACnet Browser Crack+Keygen

by Edward bitstest

A simple and easy to use software solution that can help you quickly discover BACnet devices, offering various features and functions


Ctrax Crack+Keygen

by Caltech Ethomics Project

Track flies by estimating their positions and orientations and also maintaining each one of their identities for long periods of time

Dr. Geo

Dr. Geo Crack+Keygen

by Hilaire Fernandes

This tool will help you create geometric shapes and drawings in order to easily solve geometry problems and visualize the sketches


CRRCsim Crack+Keygen

by CRRCsim Team

Learn how to fly a model aircraft and test how the aircraft's design impacts the flight settings using this simple and straightforward flight simulation tool


C.a.R. Crack+Keygen

by Rene Grothmann

Analyze geometry from a different perspective for better understanding by working in an intuitive, fun and interactive environment with various creation and customization tools



by Aerosoft Production

An easy-to-use converter for Anglo-Saxon units.


DeconTools Crack+Keygen

by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Handy tool for MS data detection


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