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Timer+ for Windows 10/8.1

Timer+ for Windows 10/8.1 Crack+Keygen

by Minima Software

Set up multiple timers which can simultaneously run to inform you of all your activities or events with message and audio alerts


CRD Crack+Keygen

by ChristianSteven Software Ltd

Automate Crystal reports with the help of this all-encompassing software utility that can deliver documents to email, the printer, a folder, DropBox, FTP, and more

ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator

ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator Crack+Keygen


Easily create work schedules for your company and employees with the help of this streamlined and comprehensive piece of software

Wedding Assistant

Wedding Assistant Crack+Keygen

by HWS Inc.

A thorough application that makes wedding planning much easier, with utilities for guest management, event creation, seating arrangement and budget management


Flin4time Crack+Keygen

by flinsoft

Easily manage employees, working hours and print out detailed reports with this lightweight human resources software application

Reminder (formerly Chris Kruidenier Reminder)

Reminder (formerly Chris Kruidenier Reminder) Crack+Keygen

by Chris Kruidenier

Create reminder lists with multiple events, assign colors to each event, automatically close the tool after a certain number of seconds, and back up data to a file

The Broadcast Clock Creator

The Broadcast Clock Creator Crack+Keygen

by DLD Media

Advanced application that helps you create broadcast clocks which can be customized according to your liking, print or save the clocks to PDF file format, and generate a desktop tool that is synchronized to the correct time of the day

Advanced Task Killer

Advanced Task Killer Crack+Keygen

by Alistair Bilkey

Terminate a predefined program at a scheduled time, with minimal effort on your part, by using a simple and reliable application

Computer Time Manager (CTM)

Computer Time Manager (CTM) Crack+Keygen

by Omega Technical Systems, LLC

A lightweight and user-friendly application whose main purpose is to offer you the ability of deciding how much time your kids get to spend on the computer

Tasks Manager

Tasks Manager Crack+Keygen

by Saleen Software

Organize your activities by creating and managing tasks so that everything is completed in due time, with the help of this lightweight utility


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