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Find It EZ

Find It EZ Crack+Keygen

by Bits n' Bytes Software Inc.

An efficient and easy-to-use source code search engine designed specifically for software engineers and users who want a fast solution for finding their documents

Session Hunter

Session Hunter Crack+Keygen

by Repuust

Find details about the sessions in your ASP.Net database

Data Architect

Data Architect Crack+Keygen


Powerful set of tools that go hand in hand with popular database types and let you visually design or build new ones in your preferred coding language

GSM SIM Utility

GSM SIM Utility Crack+Keygen

by Sim Max Tech Inc.

A set of utilities that can help you scan your SIM card, modify the details of existing contacts and add new ones in the address book


ShoutVST Crack+Keygen

by Gargaj

Stream sound directly from a host application to your Icecast server by turning to this lightweight, yet trustworthy VST component

Elecard AVC PlugIn for WMP

Elecard AVC PlugIn for WMP Crack+Keygen

by Elecard Ltd

A package for decoding media data. Supports AVC/H.264&MPEG-2 video.


CodeSimian Crack+Keygen

by simian

Self-modifying Jar file uses JDK, MP3, microphone, AI, chatbots


MultiExtractor Crack+Keygen

by Maciej Drobinski

Extracts files from a variety of executable files and resources, while also decompressing and revealing hidden or encrypted content


TexturePacker Crack+Keygen

by Andreas Loew

Create sprite sheets and export them to the file format most suitable for your project with this straightforward software solution


SketchPad Crack+Keygen

by Samir

A sample drawing editor that was especially created in order to illustrate the possible uses of LINQ to SQL and of the Entity Framework


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