Roselt Color Picker

Roselt Color Picker Crack+Keygen

by Shaun Roselt

Pick or create the perfect color for your project, then extract color codes for various programming languages and applications, with this lightweight and intuitive utility


CleanShot Crack+Keygen

by Translucency

A very simplistic application that enables you to take quick snapshots of certain areas of your screen or the entire desktop seamlessly

Picture Reviewer and Mover

Picture Reviewer and Mover Crack+Keygen

by dukemiller

Cycle through images stored in a particular folder and move them to another location with a single key press, by using this lightweight utility


K-MAC Crack+Keygen

by M. Neset Kabakli

The application changes the MAC address of any network adapter

MDB to XLS Converter

MDB to XLS Converter Crack+Keygen

by WhiteTown Software

Simple-to-use app with wizard-like interface that allows you to quickly convert your MDB (Access) files to XLS and XLSX (Excel) format

DueNote Store App

DueNote Store App Crack+Keygen

by TaskBasic

Keep track of all your upcoming appointments, tasks or events with this handy app that comes with live tile support and OneDrive sync

PDF to Word Converter

PDF to Word Converter Crack+Keygen

by GreenTree Applications SRL

Preview PDF files, insert images and text overlays, fill forms, and then convert the documents to Microsoft Word-compatible files

IRISCompressor Pro

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by I.R.I.S.

A reliable and user-friendly application that can help you convert images or PDF files to compressed PDF documents whose contents can also be searched


WigglyConverter Crack+Keygen

by David Genesis C. Pedeglorio

Convert text to binary or vice versa, and print the information or export it to plain text file format, with the aid of this simple tool

USMLE Step 3 CCS Case Simulator

USMLE Step 3 CCS Case Simulator Crack+Keygen

by Axiom Innovations LLC

Effortlessly run a real-time medical simulator that has 100 cases and provides feedback and grading for each case, based on your answers


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