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Unity Size Explorer

Unity Size Explorer Crack+Keygen

by Alex Schearer

Visualize the amount of disk space taken up by various assets in your Unity game, in chart form, with this neat, open-source program

Portable RetroArch

Portable RetroArch Crack+Keygen

by libretro

Enjoy old applications on newer computers, play classical releases and unlock achievements by turning to this portable application


osukps Crack+Keygen

by yugecin

Measure key presses per second, show the current key state on screen and view the total number of presses when playing osu! and other rhythm games

WesterosCraft Launcher

WesterosCraft Launcher Crack+Keygen

by WesterosCraftCode

Install the immersive world of Westeros by installing a custom Minecraft mode based on the "A Song of Ice and Fire" book series by George R.R. Martin

Doki Doki Mod Manager

Doki Doki Mod Manager Crack+Keygen

by Doki Doki Mod Manager

Effortlessly download, install and manage mods for the Doki Doki Literature Club! visual novel game with the help of this intuitive application


NoPing Crack+Keygen

by NoPing Tunnel

Reduce the high ping while playing your favorite online games, regardless of the server you play on, using this straightforward app

World of Joysticks Emulator Standard Edition

World of Joysticks Emulator Standard Edition Crack+Keygen

by Timur Terekhov

Emulate mouse and keyboard input using XInput and DirectInput controllers, with this highly customizable and unobtrusive application

Steam Library Manager

Steam Library Manager Crack+Keygen

by Mert Ercan

Move games between Steam libraries, create new ones, back up your data and get rid of leftovers, with this intuitive, open-source application


GameSaveBackup Crack+Keygen

by Juan Manuel Vallejo

Create backups of your save files from various games, which you can store locally or in the cloud, with this unobtrusive application


Redream Crack+Keygen

by Anthony Pesch

Enjoy playing some of your favorite games from the Dreamcast console in high-definition and without any hassle via this straightforward app


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